Prototype Planning

Now that my latest pop-up event is behind me, it's on to the next projects. I have a nice laundry list of items to make, but I'm really excited about them all and I'm anxious to get started on them. 

First up? I need to prototype a pencil case for a client who will be giving them away at a conference later this year. I'm excited to use up materials we have left over from our tote bag project last year and give the fabric new purpose and life. Right now I'm researching zipper options and sketching up a few possible shapes for the bag.

Also on my worktable are swatches, sketches, and moodboards for my next Machine collection. I'll be part of the Alley 33 fashion show in July and I'm excited about the ideas that have been developing. It helps to have some awesome fabrics on the way to create with. More on that project soon!