New Space

Over the past month I've been in the process of searching for, and moving into a new studio space. My last studio—which I loved despite some of it's noticeable faults (e.g. the front of the building looks ready to fall off, the bathroom is less than sanitary, etc.)—was in a building that was sold to a new owner. 

Not only am I trying to prep for about three events, and finish multiple projects that are due soon, but throwing a move into the mix has really made things challenging. Luckily, I found a small studio nearby and have been transitioning over pretty smoothly. I actually got to sew again today in the new space which was very exciting (but I still have some major kinks to work out before things are comfortable/productive again). 

Next on my list is a fashion photo shoot with some friends. We'll be shooting the new collection for Machine that will walk the runway later in July at Alley 33. After that, it's prepping to be a vendor at the Mississippi Street fair and finally starting production on an order of pencil cases for WeMake. Someone put on a pot of coffee, it's going to be a long night (over the next month!).