A Beginning from a (Rear)End

I was struck with the idea for Make/Mend while I was patching a pair of jeans for a friend. The bum had developed quite a tear that made them too risqué to wear to work. Rather than tossing this worn out favorite, she tried to patch the tear with minimal success. I was the last resort to bring these poor guys back to life. 

I may have extended their timeline a bit, but I have a feeling they may be done after a few more wears. I told my friend to bring them back to me if/when they ripped again and we'd make something new out of the fabric. I have no idea what we'll make, but the prospect got me very excited. 

This isn't a new concept. There are many eco-minded (and/or budget savvy) sewers out there who have been reviving garments since the invention of the thrift store. But it is a new challenge for me, and I am excited to see what I can create. I won't always be sewing with old, worn garments. Sometimes I will sew something new from fabric I have left over from my business, Machine, or scraps I have in my fabric stash. The overall goal is to challenge myself to create in a smart, resourceful way, and to keep waste to the bare minimum—a significant issue for the apparel industry today! 

With luck, I will rescue some favorite garments from the landfill and learn some new sewing tricks along the way. There may be a few bumps in the road while I figure out my process, but I'm excited for the challenge.

Ideas, ProcessJessica Caldwell